Brent Droege, Owner

Brent Droege started Agape Lawn Company in February of 2009, while an accounting student at NC State. The company was originally started out of Agape Corner Board School, and it was originally started to employ youth, and help them with job training, income, financial education, and networking. The company employed mostly teenagers for two years, and it was successful and helping youth learn some basic job skills, and teach some basic financial management skills. In 2011, Tommy Lunceford joined the company as an owner, and the company began to grow rapidly. Currently, Agape employees over 50 people and we are proud to be one of the highest rated landscapers in the Triangle. Brent currently manages the fertilizer and weed control department, and the irrigation department.

Tommy Lunceford, Co-Owner

Tommy Lunceford was born and raised in Durham. He began working with Agape Lawn Company in 2010 and became a co-owner with long-time friend, Brent Droege in 2011. Tommy has served in every capacity, from mowing to doing clean-up jobs. Tommy is very proud to serve the Triangle area as the installation manager and co-owner of the award-winning Agape Lawn Company!