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Why We Aerate?…

A healthy lawn means so much more than just having green grass.. If you are like most, there is a sense of pride in your home and most importantly, that home’s curb appeal. Often times, there has been a substantial financial investment and more times than not, there has been a great deal of sweat equity put into making your lawn look amazing! It is often easy to see a lawn that appears healthy, therefore you don’t always feel the need to take advantage of aeration services when the time comes.. but that can be a costly mistake, and definitely one that can be avoided! 

So, let’s start with the basics:

A healthy root system is a must for a lush and healthy lawn. Oxygen in the soil is critical for the lawn’s roots to be healthy; Oxygen is also a vital component for the soil microbes and other soil organisms, whose job is to release nutrients and minerals to the roots. But, your lawn needs to be open and not compacted, and it is incredibly easy to test if your lawn is, in fact, compacted. By simply using a garden fork or a screwdriver, and pushing down into the soil, you should be able to easily penetrate the soil well beyond 2 inches; If not, your lawn is compacted and could benefit greatly from Aeration.

Maybe you have Clay soil? Maybe you have quite a bit of traffic through your lawn, such as the dogs or the kids? These are all things that can lead to a compacted lawn and over time, you start to lose that “healthy lawn” look and feel!

The process of Aeration is a simple one; It’s using a machine aerator to create pockets in your lawn’s structure so that water and nutrients can properly make their way to the root structure. It will also allow for the absorption of fertilizer and better allow for the lawn’s structure to organically resist things like, weeds and disease.

At Agape, we structure our services to provide the following with our Aeration process:

  • We provide a Double Pass Aeration
  • Starter Fertilizer
  • Blue Tag Certified Fescue Seed

Prior to seeding, it is a critical process to weed properly, and apply weed controls that will typically need a 30-day window; Taking advantage of our early scheduling can help make certain that we have the appropriate amount of time to treat the lawn effectively!

As this most certainly can be an easy aspect to manage and maintain for your lawn, there can be an overwhelming number of providers and options for any homeowner to consider… a simple Google search for “lawn aeration near me” can give you pages of companies to choose from; We understand the choosing of providers can be a daunting task, so we do our best to help educate and inform. At Agape, we treat our clients as partners; Our goal is to provide the very best in Lawn Care so that you can enjoy, and make the most of your investment into your property.

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