Fall Lawn Care Tips

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A man mowing the lawn in the fall.

As the weather begins to cool off again, it’s time for homeowners to consider the necessary steps for keeping their lawns healthy for the off-season. We’ve pulled together a list of some fall lawn care tips you can DIY this season that will go a long way for your yard.

Of course, if you sign up for our monthly lawn care service, you won’t have to worry about any of this because we have your back. If not, check out this hit-list of fall lawn care advice from our team of experts.

Clean Up Leaves

Dead leaves piling up overtop of your grass is deadly for your lawn. Rake or blow away leaves that fall from the trees to make sure they don’t blanket your grass. Try to keep up on this as regularly as you can to prevent build up. The layer of leaves will trap moisture and prevent sunlight from getting to your grass. As the leaves decompose, the grass they lay on will go through the same process. You’ll pay for this in the springtime.

Loosen the Soil – Aerate

This is a great time of year to decompress your soil. Aerating your lawn allows your soil to breath and make way for grassroots to really expand before the offseason hits. You’ll get a last push of fresh air into the soil along with extra nutrients before the new growth starts. 

Spread Seed

Fall is the time to seed cool weather grasses. Spread a thin layer of seed throughout the lawn to help thicken up your lawn. Add extra seed to areas that are especially thin or any dead patches. You’ll want to make sure you water appropriately to help the seed germinate. Make sure to give plenty of time before frost starts hitting so that the young grass has enough strength to last through freezing temps.


Your grass has worked hard all summer long and now is a great time to feed. Depending on your grass type and climate, you’ll want to find a fertilizer your lawn will love. Giving it those extra nutrients will help stimulate strong root growth to ensure it can handle the freezing temperatures that are on the way.

Continue Mowing

Your grass will continue to grow up until the first deep frost. Be sure to keep up on your mowing but leave your cool-season grass between 3-4 inches through the colder months as to not remove the nutrients stored in the blades. You can space out your mowings more as the grass growth begins to slow, and eventually stops in the winter months. 

We’re here to help you through your fall yard maintenance. Our monthly lawn care plans take all the hassle out of doing this yourself. We encourage you to check out all the benefits of our monthly plans and take the hard work out of lawn maintenance.

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