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Beautiful patio design in the back of a home

If the last year taught us anything at all, it taught how us how to reimagine and re-evaluate what “Home” means. Our homes became offices, schools, movie theatres, restaurants and most importantly, our safe space. Consequently, there has been an exceptional rise in the search term “landscaping services near me” over the last year! Homeowners have quickly identified this added value and investment, and creating that new outdoor family space has pushed to the forefront of services.

Agape Lawn Company has always taken a great deal of pride in what we help create for our clients. When you choose to make an investment in your home lawn or landscape, we recognize that the finished product has to be not just creating an esthetic, but also adding a sense of pride in the spaces that you call home. Over the past year, the addition of Outdoor Living Spaces has become a very popular and now more than ever, an almost necessary addition. When creating those spaces, the design of the project as well as what you want to be added, are both equally important to provide your family a place to entertain, a place to gather, and some times  —  a place just to get away!

Often, you can see a beautiful garden or patio space, surrounded by flowers or other beautiful plants, maybe there is some nice furniture added… but is it in direct sunlight? How will it feel in late afternoon as the sun is setting? Is there adequate Landscape Lighting so that you can entertain in the evening? Does the placement of your new space account for leaves and debris build up in the fall? — These are all questions and details that we really bring to the forefront in the planning process, to create a true Outdoor Living Space for your home. Choosing the style of your Custom Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, Firepit or Garden Space, is an incredibly important part of the process… Having the right design of those elements that truly provides that place of comfort and creates your personal sanctuary, can be priceless!

A healthy, beautiful lawn and landscape makes for a happy home! As we have so many wonderful projects already underway for 2021… We also very much look forward to your next project as well.

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