Benefits of In-Ground Irrigation Systems

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nstalling an irrigation system is an investment that you make into your lawn, your home, and also yourself. To help understand the value of this investment, we broke out some of the biggest benefits we see from having an underground irrigation system.


One of the most obvious benefits of having an irrigation system installed is that these systems are automatic. You’ll have a controller  (programming box) where you can control each watering zone, the length of time each zone is on, and what days and times they should be activated. Once you set the schedule for your lawn, you don’t really have to mess with it anymore, saving you time on watering manually.

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More Efficient Water Usage

When an irrigation system is installed, various sprinkler heads are used in different areas of the lawn that spray water at different volumes, designed specifically for that area. You won’t be wasting water by overwatering and you’ll keep your grass healthy by not under-watering. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount.

Controls Weed Growth

Since your system is installed strategically, you’ll be making sure that only the areas of your landscaping that need water actually get it. Drip irrigation systems are especially good at this, as they focus on getting your landscaping plants water directly to the roots instead of spreading water all over the entire area. Controlling where the water goes will help prevent unwanted weeds.

Preserves Soil Nutrients

Overwatering creates runoff, carrying important nutrients away from your lawn and plants. Manually watering, with a hose, can also compress your soil which makes it harder for your grass to grow and stay healthy. Underground irrigation systems prevent all of that from happening, promoting a green and healthy lawn.

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Aesthetics & Safety

Having a hose laying across your lawn is an eyesore and not especially great for your grass. Not only that, it can become a tripping hazard, especially for kids and pets playing in the yard. Underground irrigation systems have their sprinkler heads buried and they’ll only pop out of the ground while running. Once they’re done with their cycle, they’ll go back into the ground and stay out of the way. This is safer and overall more aesthetically pleasing.

At the end of the day, an underground system is an investment that will end up providing major benefits for your lawn and landscaping. You’ll be able to better support a green and healthy lawn while saving time, money, and water (not to mention increased property value!).

If you’re interested in getting an estimate on an irrigation system, contact us and our lawn professionals will walk you through the entire process.

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