5-Star Weed Control From 5-Star Landscapers

Weed control is an important part of maintaining the beauty and health of your Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill landscape. Weeds can become a major problem in your lawn if they are not controlled in a timely manner. They compete with your plants for water and minerals, take up valuable space and can overrun your landscape. Agape Lawn Company will save you the unnecessary time of researching each weed and the proper weed control solutions to eliminate them.

This service is offered à la carte or can be included in our Complete Maintenance Plan.

Our fully trained landscapers are highly knowledgeable in identifying different types of weeds, such as:

  • Annuals, like crabgrass and lamb’s quarter.

  • Biennials, like musk thistle and Queen Anne’s lace.

  • Perennials, like dandelions and white clover.

Weed control keeps your lawn healthy and beautiful in the Raleigh, Durham, NC area.

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Weed control combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering will keep your landscape thriving and weed-free. Agape Lawn Company provides expert lawn weed control services with our full range of landscaping services.

As the highest rated landscapers in the Triangle, we work hard to keep your landscape beautiful year round.

Call us at (919) 672-2509 to take advantage of our professional weed control services.