Overgrown Branches Aren’t Just Annoying; They’re Dangerous

Tree trimming and pruning give your Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill area property a clean look that adds to the landscape. It can also help your grass, shrubs and flower beds grow healthier and stronger, as they will have better access to needed sunlight and rainfall.

This service is not offered à la carte and only included in our Complete Maintenance Plan.

Top reasons to call Agape for tree pruning:

  • Ornamental trees need to be shaped.

  • Overgrown branches keep hitting your windows and siding.

  • Dead branches are threatening to break and damage your property.

Tree trimming and pruning gives your home a clean look and healthier trees.

Agape Lawn Company offers professional tree trimming service at affordable prices. You can be sure your trees will not only look great but will remain healthy and beautiful for many seasons to come.

Whether pruning for aesthetics or safety, Agape Lawn Company will make sure that your property looks welcoming and is safe from potential damage.

Call us today at (919) 672-2509 for all your tree trimming and pruning needs.