The Best Way To Make Your Landscape Look Great All Year Long

When spring arrives and the weather in Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill is finally warm (and staying warm!) it’s time to turn on your irrigation system and start watering again. Sprinkler system spring startup is critical, as your landscape is beginning to awaken from dormancy. The award-winning team at Agape Lawn Company will thoroughly check every system component to ensure it’s operating as it should.

Turning on your sprinkler system in spring includes:

  • Opening the main water valve slowly to prevent damage from high surge pressures.

  • Ensuring coverage of the entire lawn and each identified lawn area.

  • Checking performance and range of each sprinkler head.

  • Monitoring water pressure to be sure it’s not too high or too low.

  • Ensuring the proper function of the main control system.

  • Recommending and setting a watering schedule that meets your needs.

While there are many online tutorials that give instructions on how to perform your own sprinkler system spring startup, we highly recommend you have a professional do it. As industry experts, we are more likely to recognize problems in the startup process, like improper water pressure or malfunctioning system components.

In the event any sprinkler system component is not functioning properly, we will recommend and perform any necessary repairs. Having Agape Lawn Company perform your sprinkler system spring startup will ensure that it is working correctly and able to keep your landscape healthy and lush.

Call Agape at (919) 672-2509 today to get your Triangle area landscape ready for spring.