What’s Good For Your Grass Isn’t Good For You. 

Sprinkler system backflow prevention devices allow water to go through in one direction: out to the lawn, but prevent it from going backward in the opposite direction: into your Raleigh or Durham home’s regular water supply. They are safety mechanisms to prevent contaminants in your irrigation water from entering your drinking water.

There are several types of sprinkler backflow preventers, including:

  • Double Check Valve Assemblies

  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assemblies

  • Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies

  • Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers

  • Anti-Siphon Valve Assemblies

It’s extremely important to have a backflow prevention device on your irrigation system because the on and off valves included in sprinkler systems are not enough to prevent backflow. These valves can break or develop leaks, allowing potentially toxic contaminants from the irrigation water—such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides—to flow back into the water supply.

Agape Lawn Company serves Triangle area homes and office buildings with backflow prevention to protect you from dangerous health hazards caused by irrigation backflow. Our team of trained professionals will make sure your backflow preventer is installed safely and working to keep you safe.

Be safe. Call us today at (919) 672-2509 to have a backflow prevention device added to your irrigation system.