The Grass Really Is Greener with Agape!

Since fertilizer is available at any number of Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill area retailers, you might question whether you need Agape Lawn Company’s lawn fertilizer service. You might be tempted to fertilize your lawn yourself, but proper lawn fertilizing is actually a lot more complicated than opening a bag of fertilizer and spreading it around your yard.

This service is offered à la carte or can be included in our Complete Maintenance Plan.

The fertilizing process involves three primary considerations:

  • Proper Ingredients

    Agape will determine the best mix of fertilizer ingredients for your lawn’s individual needs.

  • Proper Amounts

    We will calculate the proper amount of fertilizer needed to get the best results for your lawn.

  • Proper Scheduling

    We will create the best schedule of fertilization treatments to ensure you achieve a healthy, thriving lawn.

We recognize that you have a lot of choices in your lawn care company, and we appreciate you considering us. We believe we are the best choice in the triangle.

Here’s why:

  1. If you do our full program (including fungicides and seeding), our standard is that your lawn is the best one on the street. Anything less than that is not acceptable to us. Please be aware that we need at least 12 months of service at your property to achieve this.
  2. We use as little chemicals as possible to get the result intended, which is the best lawn on the street. Our applicators are licensed and will spray in the safest possible way.
  3. We do not skimp on materials. We use the best products, to get the best results.
  4. We are locally owned and operated, and we have over 1,700 positive reviews online, which is by far the most in the lawn care space in the Triangle.
  5. We will communicate extremely well with you, and will respond to all needs/requests within 8 business hours.

As one of the highest-rated lawn care company in the Triangle, Agape Lawn Company is well-versed in the unique fertilizing needs of lawns in our area. We can correctly determine what kind of fertilizer your lawn needs, how to apply it properly and when to apply it. We guarantee that your grass will be greener with Agape.

See our Weed Control page for more information about our Lawn Application services too. 

Rather than guess which fertilizer is best for your lawn and in what quantity, rely on Agape for professional lawn fertilizer service that works.