Nomination for Local Non-Profits

For the months of November and December, Agape Lawn Company will be accepting community nominations for a local non-profit organization or facility, to receive a landscape makeover! Our goal in this program, is to help give back to those organizations or properties that could greatly benefit form our services, but very much do not have the resources.

We will greatly appreciate and welcome, any and all nominations for this program. Our team here at Agape, is looking forward to such a rewarding adventure and it is our hope that we may create a foundation on which build on, for projects and years to come.

Nomination for Landscaping Makeover for Non-Profit

Non-Profit Nominations

  • Must be a Non-Profit Organization or Location within the Agape Service Area
  • Location of nominee, including zip code
  • Best method of contact which may include telephone number and email address
  • It is our intention to provide this gift, for a group or organization that could greatly use the makeover and does not have the resources or financial capacity. Please provide a short essay as to the reason for your nomination.
  • This may include the nominee's best contact name, or the individual nominating