Don’t Risk Burst Irrigation Lines During The Cold Winter Months

Before the winter weather drops to below freezing here in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, it’s important to take the proper irrigation and sprinkler winterization steps. Otherwise, a winter freeze can cost you thousands of dollars in sprinkler system repairs!

Agape Lawn Company can help! Our irrigation and sprinkler winterizing includes:

  • Blowing out moisture in the lines and components with compressed air.

  • Checking all electrical components to prevent any shock injuries.

  • Shutting off all applicable water supplies during the winter months.

  • Retracting all sprinkler heads for protection from the cold.

While winters are generally mild in the Triangle, below freezing temperatures are becoming more common, and it’s important to take the proper precautions. Sprinkler lines that do not get winterized can freeze in low temperatures, causing them to expand and crack or even burst. This can mean thousands of dollars in damage to your property and require some or all of the irrigation system components to be repaired or replaced.

Don’t risk freezing your sprinkler lines. Call Agape Lawn Company to perform irrigation winterizing right away at (919) 672-2509.