Complete Lawn Fertilization
& Weed Control

Professional weed and feed for your lawn to promote healthy and beautiful green grass year-round.

How It Works

Proper lawn fertilizing is actually a lot more complicated than opening a bag of fertilizer and spreading it around your yard. Without proper fertilization and control, you’re bound to end up with a weed issue. Weeds can become a major problem in your lawn if they are not controlled in a timely manner.

Our professionals are here to help. Never worry about the type of fertilizer needed, the schedule, the volume, the application, or any other weed and feed question ever again. We’ll build a fertilization and weed control solution and schedule to work specifically for your lawn.

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Lawn Fertilization

Proper nutrients at the right time.

Lawn Weed Control

A healthy, green, and weed-free lawn.

Experts That Care

Our team has years of experience fertilizing and controlling weeds in lawns across the greater Raleigh area. Talk to one of our lawn care specialist to learn about a fertilization and weed control plan perfect for getting the greenest grass in the neighborhood.

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