The Best Method of Watering Your Garden

A Drip irrigation system is the most efficient method of watering your gardens. Drip systems have 90% or higher watering efficiency, meaning your Raleigh and Durham area flower beds and vegetable gardens have greater health at lower cost.

Drip irrigation systems work by applying water directly to the soil in a slow drip. Their high efficiency is due to water being applied only where it is needed, at the plant’s root, so it soaks into the soil before it can evaporate or run off.

Drip irrigation water system for your yard near Raleigh Durham, NC.

Other benefits of a drip watering system:

  • Easy To Design

  • Easy To Install

  • Very Inexpensive

  • Reduces Disease Caused By Overwatering

Agape Lawn Company designs and installs drip watering systems for residential and commercial clients throughout the Triangle. We follow strict professional guidelines to ensure that your drip irrigation system is efficient and effective at keeping your gardens healthy and attractive.

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