Time To Mulch

At Agape Lawn Company, we take pride in all our services and installations; We have staffed our crews with professional techs that put service and quality first. As a company, we strive to approach every job or project with our core values at heart; Whether its systems planning or an installation, our aim is to be efficient, proactive and solutions driven. In this current climate, knowledge and safety are both paramount. At Agape, we have structured our guidelines accordingly, so that we may offer not only a great service, but a safe service as well.
When you are considering your mulch installation, there are a number of factors that will help both us and you, the homeowner, execute a successful plan of installation. There are several advantages to adding mulch into your home landscape. In the summer, mulch helps the soil hold moisture, so you don’t have to water as often. In the hot sun, soil also tends to dry out faster and harden. Mulch will help protect the soil from direct sunlight and help keep your plants healthy and happy. When choosing your mulch installation, it will be an important step for us to identify and determine which Mulch types, would best serve your landscape.