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Why We Aerate???


Why We Aerate?…

A healthy lawn means so much more than just having green grass.. If you are like most, there is a sense of pride in your home and most importantly, that home’s curb appeal. Often times, there has been a substantial financial investment and more times than not, there has been a great deal of sweat equity put into making your lawn look amazing! It is often easy to see a lawn that appears healthy, therefore you don’t always feel the need to take advantage of aeration services when the time comes.. but that can be a costly mistake, and definitely one that can be avoided!


So, let’s start with the basics:

A healthy root system is a must for a lush and healthy lawn. Oxygen in the soil is critical for the lawn’s roots to be healthy; Oxygen is also a vital component for the soil microbes and other soil organisms, whose job is to release nutrients and minerals to the roots. But, your lawn needs to be open and not compacted, and it is incredibly easy to test if your lawn is, in fact, compacted. By simply using a garden fork or a screwdriver, and pushing down into the soil, you should be able to easily penetrate the soil well beyond 2 inches; If not, your lawn is compacted and could benefit greatly from Aeration.

Maybe you have Clay soil? Maybe you have quite a bit of traffic through your lawn, such as the dogs or the kids? These are all things that can lead to a compacted lawn and over time, you start to lose that “healthy lawn” look and feel!

The process of Aeration is a simple one; It’s using a machine aerator to create pockets in your lawn’s structure so that water and nutrients can properly make their way to the root structure. It will also allow for the absorption of fertilizer and better allow for the lawn’s structure to organically resist things like, weeds and disease.

At Agape, we structure our services to provide the following with our Aeration process:


  • We provide a Double Pass Aeration
  • Starter Fertilizer
  • Blue Tag Certified Fescue Seed


Prior to seeding, it is a critical process to weed properly, and apply weed controls that will typically need a 30-day window; Taking advantage of our early scheduling can help make certain that we have the appropriate amount of time to treat the lawn effectively!

As this most certainly can be an easy aspect to manage and maintain for your lawn, there can be an overwhelming number of providers and options for any homeowner to consider… a simple Google search for “lawn aeration near me” can give you pages of companies to choose from; We understand the choosing of providers can be a daunting task, so we do our best to help educate and inform. At Agape, we treat our clients as partners; Our goal is to provide the very best in Lawn Care so that you can enjoy, and make the most of your investment into your property.


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Creating Your Space


If the last year taught us anything at all, it taught how us how to reimagine and re-evaluate what “Home” means. Our homes became offices, schools, movie theatres, restaurants and most importantly, our safe space. Consequently, there has been an exceptional rise in the search term “landscaping services near me” over the last year! Homeowners have quickly identified this added value and investment, and creating that new outdoor family space has pushed to the forefront of services.

Agape Lawn Company has always taken a great deal of pride in what we help create for our clients. When you choose to make an investment in your home lawn or landscape, we recognize that the finished product has to be not just creating an esthetic, but also adding a sense of pride in the spaces that you call home. Over the past year, the addition of Outdoor Living Spaces has become a very popular and now more than ever, an almost necessary addition. When creating those spaces, the design of the project as well as what you want to be added, are both equally important to provide your family a place to entertain, a place to gather, and some times  —  a place just to get away!

Often, you can see a beautiful garden or patio space, surrounded by flowers or other beautiful plants, maybe there is some nice furniture added… but is it in direct sunlight? How will it feel in late afternoon as the sun is setting? Is there adequate Landscape Lighting so that you can entertain in the evening? Does the placement of your new space account for leaves and debris build up in the fall? — These are all questions and details that we really bring to the forefront in the planning process, to create a true Outdoor Living Space for your home. Choosing the style of your Custom Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, Firepit or Garden Space, is an incredibly important part of the process… Having the right design of those elements that truly provides that place of comfort and creates your personal sanctuary, can be priceless!

A healthy, beautiful lawn and landscape makes for a happy home! As we have so many wonderful projects already underway for 2021… We also very much look forward to your next project as well.

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Spring is Mulch Time!


Time To Mulch

At Agape Lawn Company, we take pride in all our services and installations; We have staffed our crews with professional techs that put service and quality first. As a company, we strive to approach every job or project with our core values at heart; Whether its systems planning or an installation, our aim is to be efficient, proactive and solutions driven. In this current climate, knowledge and safety are both paramount. At Agape, we have structured our guidelines accordingly, so that we may offer not only a great service, but a safe service as well.
When you are considering your mulch installation, there are a number of factors that will help both us and you, the homeowner, execute a successful plan of installation. There are several advantages to adding mulch into your home landscape. In the summer, mulch helps the soil hold moisture, so you don’t have to water as often. In the hot sun, soil also tends to dry out faster and harden. Mulch will help protect the soil from direct sunlight and help keep your plants healthy and happy. When choosing your mulch installation, it will be an important step for us to identify and determine which Mulch types, would best serve your landscape.

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Lawn Maintenance Checklist: Learn What You Need to Do Each Season


A great lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood is something most homeowners want. Even if your home is not the biggest or most flamboyant in your area, a well-kept and healthy lawn, can radically boost its attractiveness. But this type of lawn is not achieved by intermittent lawn care and without defined goals. A well planned Lawn Maintenance Checklist, can keep you on track for each season and help you reach those healthy lawn goals!

Creating and maintaining a lawn that is the focus of eyes takes planning and organization, explains Dawson Management. And the effort toward making that lawn must span the four seasons of the year. You must create a detailed plan for spring, summer, autumn, and even winter, when your lawn is most likely going to be under a layer of snow.

That plan will take the changing needs of your lawn and the soil underneath into consideration. It will preempt the needs of the lawn and potential problems before they arise. Yet at the same time, it will be simple and without stress, because you will be preventing weeds and diseases instead of treating them.

As a special gift, we have created just that type of lawn maintenance plan for you. We have done the work of thinking through the intricacies of maintaining your lawn for every month of the year. Following this comprehensive plan will let you finally jumpstart your journey to creating the type of lawn you have always wanted but never had the know-how to create. Enjoy!


Spring Lawn Care

  • Inspect the lawn after the snow has melted and the rain has started to fall. Check whether the lawn needs aeration or are there puddles forming on it.
  • Prepare lawn tools and equipment. Check your mower for fluid levels, blade height, and sharpness. Check that the leaf blower and other tools are in good order.
  • Test the soil pH. For the best grass growth, your soil pH should be 6.5. It should have proportions of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium salts that are appropriate for your region. Having a professional test the soil will help you avoid wasting money on fertilizer and needless soil amendments
  • Do spring dethatching by removing dead grass, leaves, branches, twigs, and debris in order to stimulate airflow and improve nitrogen exchange.
  • Apply fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide before temperatures get higher. And follow-up with high-nitrogen fertilizer and selective weed control (spot spraying).


Summer Lawn Care

  • The lawn needs about an inch of water weekly to thrive. When the weather gets hot, dry, and windy, evaporation rates increase and watering rates must be increased to compensate for these losses. Increase watering times as needed to ensure water penetrates 1 inch into the soil.
  • Maintain the lawn at the proper height; never cut your grass lower than 2-2 ½ inches above the ground. Lower than that creates room for weeds. Longer grass protects the soil beneath and produces more chlorophyll.
  • Take care of the bugs. Summertime is bug infestation season, but do not use broad-spectrum insecticides that don’t discriminate between pests and beneficial insects. Granular pest control that targets specific bugs is better. Organic pesticides are best.
  • Solve mystery spots and these are not always caused by under-watering. Sometimes a fungus is the real culprit. Take shots of the spot and send the photos to your nursery for their opinion.


Fall Lawn Care

  • Lower mower levels from summer levels and keep grass shorter until growth eventually stops. At the same time, reduce the amount of watering. Continue watering to keep lawn hydrated but do not water to point of saturation.
  • Dethatch with a dethatcher that is clean and in good condition. Dethatching at this time is important, especially if you didn’t do it in spring. But be careful not to set the tines so deep that they destroy the lawn. The goal is to remove yellowish dead grass that blocks air and moisture. It is better to make 3-4 shallow passes.
  • Reseed, if necessary. First till the soil before applying your seeds. Afterward, apply a thin layer of compost and keep the area moist. Do not let your seed dry out or they may die.
  • Rake leaves to allow more sunlight reach to grass roots and keep the shoots strong going into winter. Apply a winterizer or a stage-4 fertilizer to keep the grass nourished through the winter.


Winter Lawn Care

  • Most, but not all of your work is done. During winter your work will be done away from the lawn and will mostly involve preparing for spring. This is when you take a break to become more informed about how to better manage your lawn. When doing research or looking for information, remember that grass care depends on the part of the country where you are, so pay more attention to local resources.
  • Start prepping for spring and you can do this by preparing your tools and equipment – clean and repair your equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when storing tools and equipment. If the instructions say you should leave the equipment with a full tank of gasoline, add a fuel stabilizer to prevent chemical-decomposition.
  • Stake the lawn perimeter to reduce or prevent gouging by snow throwers and plows. Keep the use of de-icing chemicals to the minimum.

There you have it, a comprehensive all-year round guide to maintain your lawn to keep it in tip-top shape all year!

Be sure to visit some of the Agape Lawn Company Maintenance Plans and Services!!

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Benefits of In-Ground Irrigation Systems


Installing an irrigation system is an investment that you make into your lawn, your home, and also yourself. To help understand the value of this investment, we broke out some of the biggest benefits we see from having an underground irrigation system.


One of the most obvious benefits of having an irrigation system installed is that these systems are automatic. You’ll have a controller  (programming box) where you can control each watering zone, the length of time each zone is on, and what days and times they should be activated. Once you set the schedule for your lawn, you don’t really have to mess with it anymore, saving you time on watering manually.

More Efficient Water Usage

When an irrigation system is installed, various sprinkler heads are used in different areas of the lawn that spray water at different volumes, designed specifically for that area. You won’t be wasting water by overwatering and you’ll keep your grass healthy by not under-watering. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount.

Controls Weed Growth

Since your system is installed strategically, you’ll be making sure that only the areas of your landscaping that need water actually get it. Drip irrigation systems are especially good at this, as they focus on getting your landscaping plants water directly to the roots instead of spreading water all over the entire area. Controlling where the water goes will help prevent unwanted weeds.

Preserves Soil Nutrients

Overwatering creates runoff, carrying important nutrients away from your lawn and plants. Manually watering, with a hose, can also compress your soil which makes it harder for your grass to grow and stay healthy. Underground irrigation systems prevent all of that from happening, promoting a green and healthy lawn.

Aesthetics & Safety

Having a hose laying across your lawn is an eyesore and not especially great for your grass. Not only that, it can become a tripping hazard, especially for kids and pets playing in the yard. Underground irrigation systems have their sprinkler heads buried and they’ll only pop out of the ground while running. Once they’re done with their cycle, they’ll go back into the ground and stay out of the way. This is safer and overall more aesthetically pleasing.

At the end of the day, an underground system is an investment that will end up providing major benefits for your lawn and landscaping. You’ll be able to better support a green and healthy lawn while saving time, money, and water (not to mention increased property value!).

If you’re interested in getting an estimate on an irrigation system, contact us and our lawn professionals will walk you through the entire process.

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Fall Lawn Care Tips


As the weather begins to cool off again, it’s time for homeowners to consider the necessary steps for keeping their lawns healthy for the off-season. We’ve pulled together a list of some fall lawn care tips you can DIY this season that will go a long way for your yard.

Of course, if you sign up for our monthly lawn care service, you won’t have to worry about any of this because we have your back. If not, check out this hit-list of fall lawn care advice from our team of experts.

Clean Up Leaves

Dead leaves piling up overtop of your grass is deadly for your lawn. Rake or blow away leaves that fall from the trees to make sure they don’t blanket your grass. Try to keep up on this as regularly as you can to prevent build up. The layer of leaves will trap moisture and prevent sunlight from getting to your grass. As the leaves decompose, the grass they lay on will go through the same process. You’ll pay for this in the springtime.

Loosen the Soil – Aerate

This is a great time of year to decompress your soil. Aerating your lawn allows your soil to breath and make way for grassroots to really expand before the offseason hits. You’ll get a last push of fresh air into the soil along with extra nutrients before the new growth starts. 

Spread Seed

Fall is the time to seed cool weather grasses. Spread a thin layer of seed throughout the lawn to help thicken up your lawn. Add extra seed to areas that are especially thin or any dead patches. You’ll want to make sure you water appropriately to help the seed germinate. Make sure to give plenty of time before frost starts hitting so that the young grass has enough strength to last through freezing temps.


Your grass has worked hard all summer long and now is a great time to feed. Depending on your grass type and climate, you’ll want to find a fertilizer your lawn will love. Giving it those extra nutrients will help stimulate strong root growth to ensure it can handle the freezing temperatures that are on the way.

Continue Mowing

Your grass will continue to grow up until the first deep frost. Be sure to keep up on your mowing but leave your cool-season grass between 3-4 inches through the colder months as to not remove the nutrients stored in the blades. You can space out your mowings more as the grass growth begins to slow, and eventually stops in the winter months. 

We’re here to help you through your fall yard maintenance. Our monthly lawn care plans take all the hassle out of doing this yourself. We encourage you to check out all the benefits of our monthly plans and take the hard work out of lawn maintenance.

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Lawn Health: Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn


Aeration is a lawn treatment that can have drastic effects on promoting and maintaining a healthy lawn. The aeration process uses special equipment that punctures small holes into the yard throughout the entire lawn. This may sound strange to plunge holes into your grass, but these holes left behind end up providing major benefits for your lawn and helping it grow stronger and healthier. Here’s how:

Reduces Soil Compaction

Compact soil makes it tough for grassroots to grow and expand. When you walk on your lawn and water your lawn, it naturally compacts the soil together leaving fewer air pockets and increases resistance for your grassroots to grow and build up. The aeration process pulls out small plugs of soil which allows the soil to decompress, giving lots of extra room for air to access the soil and for the dirt to expand out.

Reduces Thatch Build Up

Thatch is the natural layer of dead grass clippings, leaves, and other debris that gets buried beneath the healthy growing grass. Thatch build-up robs your grass from sunlight, nutrients, and water as it acts as a barrier to the soil. Aerating your lawn helps pull up some of the thatch build-up, enabling for a healthier and stronger lawn.

Reduces Water Runoff and Puddling

Once you aerate, your soil becomes less compressed. This benefits your lawn by allowing water to be absorbed easier into the top layer of soil through to the deeper layers. Since there are more air pockets and the soil is not as compact, more water is able to reach deeper into the grass root system. This also means you’ll end up with less puddling which can be harmful to a healthy lawn. The result is that you’ll get more out of your watering efforts and end up with a stronger yard.

Enhances Fertilization

Aerating leaves behind small holes throughout your lawn for a period of time. This is the perfect time to feed your grass, as the fertilization is going to be able to get absorbed by the soil a lot more effectively. Fertilization will find its way directly into the soil from the plugs that are left on top and the holes that it finds throughout. This allows the fertilizer to be absorbed and utilized better by your grass.

Stronger Root System Growth

As stated before, the decompression of the soil is going to support healthy root system growth. Since the soil will be less compressed and more air pockets exist, it provides the space your grassroots need to expand and access additional air, water, and nutrients that it had trouble accessing before. The result is going to be that your lawn will be able to build up a stronger root system and support a healthier lawn.

Improved Air Exchange

Since the soil will be decompressed, you’ll have better air exchange between the dirt and the atmosphere. This helps circulate oxygen and carbon dioxide as well as naturally occurring nutrients your grass needs. Giving your grass room to breath will allow it to become stronger and more resilient. The soil will become more fertile allowing your grass to continue to establish a strong root system and naturally feed your lawn.

Aerating your lawn is recommended once per year to encourage soil and lawn health. Staying on top of this will have long term benefits for establishing and maintaining a strong and healthy yard. 

Our lawn care experts are here to help you with your lawn aeration to make sure you get the most out of your aeration treatment. You can get full-service lawn care from our experienced lawn care experts year-round with our monthly Lawn Maintenance Plan. This includes an annual aeration treatment to promote strong soil and root heath and ensure you’re lawn stays healthy year-round.

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Protect Your Triangle Landscape with Mulch & Pine Straw


These are some collections of photos on mulch and pine straw jobs that we are currently doing.

Spring Mulch Service in the Triangle

Mulch installation in Durham, NC.

Mulch for Triangle home

North Raleigh pine straw installation.

Mulch helps protect your landscape

Freshly applied shredded hardwood mulch.

pine straw installation in North Raleigh.

Pine straw installation in North Raleigh.

Pine straw installation in North Raleigh.

Pine straw installation in North Raleigh.

Spreading mulch.

Spreading mulch in North Raleigh.

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Your Lawn’s Best Year Ever!


Agape Newsletter – January 2018

Topics the Month:

Make your home safer, your outdoor living areas more usable, your entire home more beautiful, and increase your home’s value.

Check out our vendors websites below, and contact us for a free demonstration.

Schedule You FREE Consultation and Demonstration.

Already have lighting? See if we can save you money by upgrading to LED lighting too.

Image of outside landscape lighting near Raleigh, NC
Image of outside landscape lighting at night for your home.

Team Member of the Month

Image of Team Member of the Month Carlos

January 2018 – Carlos Zuniga 

Carlos started working with Agape spring of 2016. Carlos is our assistant manager of irrigation services, and spends his time on irrigation servicing and installation, as well as landscape lighting servicing and installation. Carlos is recently married, and also just bought a home in North Raleigh with his wife, Betty.


Additional Resources & Articles

Your Home & Property

Below are some informative website for understanding and improving your landscape – let us know how we can help you!

Services We Provide

Lawn Care

Complete Maintenance Lawn Care – we take care of your full property!


Mulch, Pine Straw, Patios, Sod, Cleanup Services, Plant Installation, Tree Installation, Grading work, Design Services and Retaining Walls.

Irrigation and Lighting Services

Irrigation Installation, Irrigation Repair, Irrigation Upgrades, Backflow Certification, Lighting Installation, Lighting Repair and Lighting Upgrades.

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Why is the Grass Greener at Agape?

When you join our growing list of lawn care, landscape, and irrigation customers, you will be treated to expert service and a level of professionalism that can’t be beat. Here’s what you can expect when you choose Agape:


We love lawns! It’s why we do what we do, and why we want to earn your business with continuous TLC for every aspect of your property.

Problem Solving:

Have an irrigation issue that needs to be resolved quickly? Our team responds promptly and solves problems quickly and completely.


We have the highest staff retention rate in RTP, so you will know and trust the same team members who care for your lawn week after week.

Transparent Pricing:

No hidden fees, no extra charges! Our pricing is upfront and honest for every service we provide.


Our expert team provides smart services that account for variables including weather, pests, and your particular grade and shade property characteristics.

5-Star Service:

We’ve been rated the #1 lawn care and landscape company in The Triangle five years in a row!

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